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Half a year gone by

We are getting to the end of the first six months of the year that have gone by so quickly that we are having to adapt some of our New Year´s resolutions in order provide answers to the different challenges that have arisen over this time.

We live in an era of immediacy, (with a simple ‘click’ we have a whole world of possibilities within our reach) and with hedonism (with our desire to reach unlimited satisfaction to the extent that if there is something we don´t like, we change it) what happens is that we often forget that, in order to obtain certain successes, you have to know how to wait and work to achieve them.

However, these are also times of “compromise”, in which the world faces relentless global competition in respect of talent, ideas and capital. For that reason we must refrain from doing anything that does not add value. We have to manage to do more with less and take advantage of the effort and abilities of others.

The commencing of change is precisely the compromise required for the conviction that only in this way, by being demanding in everything that we do and understanding that nothing is untouchable, we can contribute to facilitating that knowledge can be effective beyond the technical circle where it is generated.

We commence this edition with an interview with Filomeno Mira who, at the end of last year, received the AGERS Distinction Award in recognition of his contribution to Risk Management in Spain and Latin America and who, looking on from the perspective of his active retirement, reports on developments in Spain in this discipline.

The following interview is with Aristóbulo Bausela who, from 2013, has been MAPFRE´s chief executive for the SOUTH LATAM Regional Area and now has been appointed CEO for the LATAM Region as from 1st. January, 2017. He explains how the development of the Global Risks business is of vital importance for certain countries in the region, such as Chile, Peru and Colombia.

We close this section interviewing Carlos Roveran, Risk Manager of BRF, who manages the operational and financial risks of one of the largest food and beverage companies worldwide, with a presence in over 120 countries on the five continents.

In the Current Topics section we refer to the principal activities organized in the first six months of 2016  by the two Spanish Risk Management Associations, AGERS and IGREA, and by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and the Inade Foundation (Instituto Atlántico del Seguro). In the same section we mention MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS´ participation in various international events during the first six months of the year.

The Articles section has four new contributions. The first is academic and is the summary of a Research Paper entitled: “AN INTEGRATED RISK MANAGEMENT MODEL FOR THE TUNA INDUSTRY”, written by Robert Ugalde y Joseba Iñaki De la Peña from the Department of Financial Economy at the University of the Basque Country and which won the Julio Sáez the Julio Sáez IV Award for Research.

In the second article, Felipe Buhígas, Commercial and Marketing Director for SOLUNION Seguros de Crédito, looks at commercial credit risk management, a tool for protecting company operations, accompanying them during commercial development and providing the necessary means to protect themselves against those risks to which they are exposed while carrying out their activities.

The third party article is written by Ángel Escorial, General Manager of RISKIA, and describes the tools developed in Spain for simplifying and facilitating the Analysis of Environmental Risks that is necessary for arranging the financial guarantees contemplated under Law 26/2007 on environmental liability.

The fourth case is an example of one of the distinctive features of our magazine whereby we attempt to facilitate knowledge management for our readers. In this article, Ángel Gil, CEO of RenderSide, demonstrates the advantages of the new technologies; specifically: Virtual Reality and Increased Reality and how they can be adapted for use in multiple formats.

Following the report prepared by MAPFRE Study Services on ‘The trends for growth in the 2016 Latin American markets’ we turn to a new section entitled ‘Opinions from the Region’ which, in this first edition, provides and interesting audio-visual summary on three countries, Chile, Colombia and Peru that are showing sustained growth in the SOUTH LATAM region.

Finally, we include an article from the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS (ITSEMAP) Engineering Department on those factors affecting the claims experience in the generation of electricity in Wind Farms.

We trust that our editorial format is to your taste and we encourage you to share and distribute our publication.

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