MGR Presence International Events

MGR Presence International Events

By In Actualidad On 21 December, 2015


This year the German Branch held its ninth New Year’s reception in Cologne in the presence of 120 guests comprising clients, brokers and other partners. This was the last time Dr Ulrich Stürmer will host the event as he is passing the baton to his successor, Manfred Alsdorf.

The Management Committee of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS was represented by Alfredo Castelo, CEO, Chris Smith, CRMO, Juan Luis Roman, CTO, and José Carlos Nájera, CUO.

Alfredo Castelo gave Ulrich Stürmer a farewell into his well-deserved retirement. He thanked for the many years of leadership characterised by vision, fairness and understanding of the business.  He then introduced Manfred Alsdorf as the new manager of the German branch.  Alfredo Castelo reiterated the long-term commitment of MAPFRE to the German market, which is felt as one of the toughest markets in Europe for Corporate Risks.

Chris Smith spoke about the growth plans of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS and the aim to enlarge the company’s footprint outside Spain and LATAM.

The guest speaker this year was Reiner Siebert, Risk Manager of Deutsche Lufthansa and CEO of the captive insurer DELVAG. During his speech, he reviewed the industrial insurance market and focused on the challenges of the Aviation insurance sector.  This market had suffered tremendous losses in the last years. Mr Siebert thanked the insurers for their support and named MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS as one of the most reliable insurers.


On April 14 MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS organized its traditional spring drinks party in Paris. There was a large response to the call to meeting and, in addition to local clients, the event was attended by nearly one hundred professionals.

The event, held in Les Salons de l’Hôtel des Arts & Métiers, had a marked commercial nature in which special emphasis was placed on our insurance offering in the Damages and Construction sector.

Noteworthy speeches were made by Alfredo Castelo, Bosco Francoy and Chris Smith who commented on MAPFRE’s results, the current situation in the insurance market and were heavily involved in presenting the organizational model of the Global Risks Unit in the French-speaking market, to give an effective response to the client. Another highlight was the presence and support in the event of Nikos Antimissaris, CEO of the EMEA Region for MAPFRE and Gregorio Santos EMEA Regional Business and Clients Manager, who were accompanied by executives from the Global Risks Unit who travelled there for the occasion

The response received from the market has been very favorable and well-founded expectation of interesting new business opportunities have been created.


From April 20 to 22, the world of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese insurance gathered in Rio de Janeiro to participate in the XXVI Pan American Congress that the National Federation of Private Insurance, Reinsurance, Capitalization and Private Pension Brokers, of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (FENACOR) and the Pan-American Confederation of Insurance Producers (COPAPROSE) organizes on a biennial basis.

The event, held at the Windsor Atlantica Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, under the slogan “¿Hacia dónde camina el seguro en América Latina?” (Where Is Insurance in Latin America Going?), was attended by the COO of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS Bosco Francoy in the panel discussion on Cyber, Climate, Catastrophe and Environmental Risks.

After the MAPFRE Global Risks Unit made its presentation on Environmental Risk and Cyber Risks, with a speech in which it stressed that insurance companies must offer added value to their clients in managing these risks while ensuring that sensitive information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.


The event brought together insurance and major risks management professionals from international companies.

For the first time in Brazil, International Global Risks Day, a biennial event sponsored by MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, brought together insurance and risk management professionals from large Brazilian companies to discuss the challenges and opportunities that are opening to the Major Risks sector of the Brazilian market.

This is a high-level forum for technical, political, environmental and economic discussions, featuring this important segment that has been growing significantly in Brazil.

“In a country with territorial dimensions like ours, with large climatic and geographical differences as well as international visibility, on the eve of hosting the greatest sporting event in the world, ‘Major Risks’ constitute an extensive niche that insurance and reinsurance companies can explore in the coming years,” asserts Marcos Eduardo Ferreira, president of GRUPO BB E MAPFRE for the areas of Auto, General Insurance and Affinities.

The program is focused on the discussion of strategic issues with the presentation of international cases and current issues that can be seen in the country and in different markets around the world. The risks and challenges facing the current economic context for the sectors of Oil and Gas, Aviation, Industry and for the electric power sector are some of the topics that were discussed during the event.

“The global energy industry is undergoing profound changes. The expansion of renewable energy sources, increasing environmental pressures, the current situation of instability (in the oil and gas industry), as well as great uncertainty and price volatility, have been giving rise to significant structural changes in the energy sectors,” emphasized André Fortino, general manager of Major Risks for GRUPO SEGURADOR BANCO DO BRASIL E MAPFRE.

Bosco Francoy, COO of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, highlights the importance of discussing the topic in Brazil. “This country is one of the most promising markets for the development of insurance. Moreover, the exchange of experience among Brazilian professionals will help in the promotion and dissemination of policies for major risk management,” he pointed out.

Global Risks Day also encouraged the exchange of experiences among executives who are responsible for the areas of business, know-how and management for insurance companies, major brokers of insurance and reinsurance, and other segment players.

Marcelo Gusmão Arnosti, chief economist for BB DTVM, Juan José de la Colina, energy director for MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, and representatives of companies such as Eletropaulo, Neoenergia, Eletrosul, Petrogral, IRB RE, Avianca Airlines, Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional, Brazil Foods, among others, participated in the panels.

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