MGR Presence International Events

MGR Presence International Events

By In Actualidad On 21 December, 2015


On January 22, 2008, MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS first invited brokers and clients to a New Year’s celebration party in Cologne. A tradition was thus born and we will celebrate its tenth anniversary on January 10, 2017.

"Tapas en Colonia", lanzamiento de un nuevo evento

With the beginning of fall, MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS launched a new event, TAPAS IN COLOGNE, which took place on September 23, 2016. Coinciding with the start of the renewals season, invitations were sent that also acted as a reminder that MGR is available and ready to receive their offers.

The event consisted of the invitation that our underwriters and partners in the financial area sent to clients/brokers to a typical Spanish bar/restaurant, near the office, to enjoy some tapas and drinks together early on a Friday evening.

Our guests, from both Cologne as well as from other locations such as Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Mülheim and Frankfurt, enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with their peers in MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS in a relaxed atmosphere. The response was excellent. So much so that it is possible that a new tradition has been born.


From September 7 to 9 the most prestigious Industrial Insurance Conference in the country, the GVNW Conference (formerly DVS Symposion), took place in Germany.

Congreso de la federación empresarial alemana GVNW en Munich

This conference offers all the players in the German industrial insurance market a place to meet up and discuss the trends, new developments and related global insurance industry solutions, plus the unique opportunity to renew trade relationships and dialog between the main players in the insurance market in Germany.

More than 700 people from the German insurance industry were present: Brokers, Insurers and Insurance Companies, Claims Management Firms, Risk Management Companies and Engineering Consultants. On the clients’ part, there were also a large number of in-house brokers, who are members of the GVNW Business Federation. These include representatives of large industrial enterprises, from the services, aviation, transport and energy sector. Currently, MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS already forms part of many of their insurance programs.

Congreso de la federación empresarial alemana GVNW en Munich

Just like every year, the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS branch in Germany participated in this important Conference with its own stand that once again attracted many visitors who shared new ideas and experiences with our experts.


On October 7 MAPFRE held the eighth edition of its Large Risks Seminar in which leading companies, brokers and MAPFRE agents took part. The central theme of this edition was Innovation and Specialization in Large Risks, dealing with issues such as insurance of drones or coverage as specific as CBI (Contingent Business Interruption).

The seminar was held at the restaurant El Lago, in the heart of Chapultepec Forest (Mexico City), where Jesús Martínez, Regional CEO for LATAM North and CEO of MAPFRE Mexico, welcomed attendees and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to being a leader in insurance innovation and specialization to offer the best possible service to its Clients.

In his presentation, Bosco Francoy, COO of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, presented the Global Risks Unit, whose business model is specifically designed to meet the insurance needs of large clients, highlighting how MAPFRE is aware of the importance of innovation and citing as an example those companies that were leaders but did not innovate in time due to lack of new ideas and disappeared.

VIII seminario regional de especialización en ramos técnicos e innovación en grandes riesgos en México

Paola Serrano, Aviation and Space Manager of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, gave a presentation on “Drone Insurance”. He described the different legislative handling of drones and their insurance in Mexico and Central American countries, the different types of drones that exist and the main insurance coverage required by these aircraft: fuselage and third-party liability. She also presented, with a video, a MAPFRE case study showing applications of drones for the insurance industry and, specifically, their use for the adjustment and examination of claims, in places that are hard or impossible to access, at that time so close to the incident, by an adjuster.

VIII seminario regional de especialización en ramos técnicos e innovación en grandes riesgos en México

Fernando Gil, Manager of Industry and Telecommunications at MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS dealt with contingent business interruption coverage, which covers the loss of profit of an insured party for a material damage claim in a supplier or client that prevents the insured party from being able to supply or sell. He explained the sensitivity of this coverage and the enormous importance for it of knowing the client’s supply chain. He presented the significance of this coverage by using a real life case, citing the incident that occurred in a factory that resulted in the loss of 40 percent of the world production of a chemical material necessary for the automotive industry.

Meanwhile, Horst Agata, CEO of Gen Re Mexico, held his presentation on Catastrophic Risk. He explained that the damage from catastrophic events have shown an upward trend in recent years and how the assurance gap is increasing: there is an increasingly higher percentage of uninsured risks. He also spoke about the “Black Swans”: the large claims that no one could foresee before they happened: 9/11, Katrina, etc. In response, he highlighted the enormous importance that insurers maintain rigorous underwriting processes with technical foundations to avoid the risk of insolvency of insurers.

VIII seminario regional de especialización en ramos técnicos e innovación en grandes riesgos en México

Therefore we must work to recognize the true risks of climate change, in improving the collection and analysis of data on losses and analyze the implications for insurance, investments and clients.

Entitled “Experiences in International Insurance Programs”, Eduardo Yunis, Head of Risk Management at Walmart Mexico, said that this is a business between people and in which trust is the basis. Speaking of his experience, he stressed that a very important task of Risk Management was to be constantly analyzing various alternative assurance risks, opting for one in which, given the size of the company, it is futile to expect it to be economically viable to transfer risk with very low deductibles, which is why they drive a culture of accident prevention and risk control as well as being able to have a first class insurance partner.

To end the program, a panel discussion was presented with the theme: “Innovation and Expertise in Large Risks” moderated by Ismael Campos. Paola Serrano, Fernando Gil and Eduardo Yunes took part.

VIII seminario regional de especialización en ramos técnicos e innovación en grandes riesgos en México

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