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Creating the Future

In these economically and socially uncertain times, Peter Drucker’s phrase seems extremely apt: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

As professionals in this sector we’ve understood that we need a different approach: a sure-fire way of navigating this world of uncertainty; a new vision that complements the classical reasoning that helps us to deal with high levels of uncertainty, whatever the situation we’re facing.

As we know, convictions are useless without consistent actions, so now is the time to promote initiatives that enable us to be more efficient and compete in current market conditions.

We’re facing a year of challenges. So let’s take up the challenge by investing resources and efforts in ourselves and in our environment. May trust and productivity help us to be better and to create the future that we want.

Although it’s not easy to achieve unanimity regarding a publication like ours – as Gerencia de Riesgos y Seguros Magazine is aimed at such a specialized audience –, in the last few issues we’ve begun to move in a new direction and now have new faces on the team, led by Ignacio Baeza, Vice Chairman of MAPFRE and Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS. In the first interview he tells our readers about main objectives of the Global Risks company and talks about the important role of our strong client-oriented approach to stand out in the market.

Then we have an interview with Wilson Toneto, CEO of the MAPFRE Brazil Regional Area, who shares a view of the development of the business and result improvement by controlling the businesses that are less profitable and mechanizing management and customer service processes in order to reduce internal costs.

Our last interview is with Luis Fernando Longo, Corporate Risk Manager at CARVAJAL, originally a family-run business established in Cali (Colombia) in 1904, which has grown generation after generation to become a multilatina with approximately 19,000 collaborators across 14 countries in Latin America.

The News section contains information on some of the main activities from the first half of 2017 for the two Spanish risk management associations: AGERS and IGREA, the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and the Inade Foundation, Atlantic Insurance Institute. In the same section you can also read about the various events MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS attended worldwide during the first half of the year.

We’ll also find out about the most interesting topics discussed at the 25th MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS International Conference in Granada (Spain) on June 8 and 9.

The Articles section contains three pieces, the first of which is academic: “Emotional eating and occupational stress: towards healthy work habits and environments”, written and coordinated by Mercedes Borda Mas, Doctor of Psychology in the Department for Personality, Psychological Evaluation and Treatment of the University of Seville.

In the second article, Angel Ortega Navarro and Rafael Pascual Camino write about new Risk Management challenges, focusing on increasing risks in the global scene caused by various different countries’ actions.

The last article is “A new threat to your company: Ransomware” by Álvaro Trigo Martín de Vidales and Ignacio Jiménez Pi, Senior IT Security Analysts at MAPFRE’s Information Systems Security Management. They explain this infection, how it affects us and why we should be worried about it.

After two studies prepared by the MAPFRE Economic Research: “Economic and Sectoral Outlook Report” and “The Latin American Insurance Market in 2015”, we offer the third installment of our section “Opinion on the Region”, which gives an interesting summary on Brazil, a country that came out of the recession in 2016 and is starting to grow again this year.

We close this issue with the Claims Observatory and a study on short-term forecasting of damages and disasters. From the “friendship paradox” to the assessment of the impact of a hurricane using Twitter data, written by accredited computer scientist and sociologist Manuel Cebrián.

After 11 years and all the changes that the magazine has been through – from the Fundación MAPFRE paper edition, with the full-color bilingual edition, to the release at a later date of the online edition in Spanish, English and Brazilian Portuguese of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS – I’ll miss this period of my life as it’s been good, but I’m also glad to hand over the work to the new generation as they’re fired up with new ideas, and they’ll to continue to work hard and to be dedicated to our loyal readers.

The future is ours!

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